ACE2016 5th Asian Conference on Endometriosis

Oral/Video/Poster Presentation

Time / Date / Session of Your Presentation

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Oral Session (Last update: September 5)

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Video Session (Last update: September 2)

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Poster Tour

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Instructions for Poster Presenters

Date and Time of Poster Tour

All posters shall be set up during the following time.
   September 22 (Thurs) 11:00 - 11:50

All posters are displayed throughout the period of the Meeting.

Poster discussion shall take place on Day 2: 17:50-18:30, September 23 (Fri).
During the poster discussion time, poster presenters are asked to stand by their own poster for free discussion.

All posters shall be removed during the following time.
   September 24 (Sat) 13:30 - 14:00

Guidelines for Poster Preparation

  1. All posters shall be prepared entirely in English.
  2. Each author is requested to indicate "title", "authors' names" and "authors' affiliations" on the top right of the poster board within an area of 70 cm wide X 20 cm high.
  3. A presentation number board to be put on the top left of each poster shall be prepared and attached by the Organizing Secretariat.
  4. Poster contents should be arranged to describe the "objective", "methods", "results" and "conclusion".
  5. Usable area of the contents is 90 cm wide X 210 cm high in size. Layout of poster contents shall be decided at authors' discretion.
  6. The typeface used on posters should be at least 18 mm high so that the content can be read from a distance. poster
  7. Tables and figures should likewise be of an appropriate scale, with text large enough to be easily read.
  8. Posters shall be attached to poster boards using thumbtacks, which will be provided by the Organizing Secretariat. No paste, glue, staples and/or nails are permitted to use.
  9. There will be no reception for poster tour.


Posters not removed as of 14:00, September 24 will be DISCARDED by the Organizing Secretariat.


The Secretariat asks that all Speakers/Presenters disclose any conflict of interest at the time of presentation for the benefit of conference delegates. To this effect, a slide at the end or beginning of your presentation should contain a brief summary of conflict(s) of interest using the template below.
Download the disclosure templates here:

Please use the template below to disclose conflict(s) of interest.
"Template (177KB/PPT)"


  • We call for abstracts for oral/poster/video presentations.
  • Deadline for abstract submission: June 12 (Sun), 2016.
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • Abstracts must contain no more than 250 words.
  • The abstracts should be informative.
    Clearly state background and aims, methods, results and conclusions of study.
  • Encore abstracts will not be accepted.
  • Abstracts should be submitted online at
    (Email, fax, etc. will not be accepted)
  • You will automatically be assigned a submission ID at the time you submit, and will be asked to select a Password.
    With this ID and password, you can log into the submission site to reedit your submission.
To read the PDF file you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer.
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